Current Studio Work


Thesis Work – “List-Maker” and “Curious Observer”

The thesis work continues to examine the relationship between body and space through the lens of birdwatching. One can either take on the purposeful yet restrictive perspective of the life list maker, or the playful curious observer. The work sits on the edge of two-dimensional and three-dimensional space through the use of illusion and wall sculpture.

Stage 3 – “Building Blocks”

Building Blocks is an exploration of space through observation and construction. This work examines the line between two-dimensional representation and three-dimensional abstraction and explores the relationship between self and nature through observing and recording visual information.


Stage 2 – “Negative Space”

This body of work explores the relationship between humans and the environment. The work examines the dichotomy between ecology and modernity as they attempt to exist in the same space. This occurs through the combination of abstract forms and representational drawings and paintings and the fusion of two-dimensionality and sculptural qualities. Negative space is a key component in this body of work.



Stage 1 – Rhombus Birds – White Breasted Nuthatch